Japanese culture

Japanese culture

The magic of sakura

In the Netherlands spring starts at 20 March, though according to the Japanese traditions, spring starts when the cherry tree or sakura starts to blossom. Nature is an important part of the Japanese culture and the cherry blossom plays a… Read more

Japanese festivals

The festivals in Japan, matsuri in Japanese, are often celebrated around a particular event in close relation to the current season. The festivals range from small and peaceful to the large and noble. Traditional matsuris are often celebrated around shrines… Read more

Golden Week

Although the Japanese culture is known for the many festivals, they only have a limited number of holidays. The Golden Week is the perfect opportunity for Japanese people to go on vacation as it includes four public holidays, meaning… Read more

Tanabata Festival

Every year, on 7 July Tanabata festival is celebrated in Japan. At Hotel Okura Amsterdam we celebrate this too. Tanabata, also called Star Festival, is one of Japan’s five traditional festivals ”gosekku”.  In the past, ladies and gentlemen had to sit… Read more