Omotenashi – おもてなし

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For the sake of giving, not receiving

Whenever you book a trip to another country where you have never been before, you are probably wondering about a lot of things. What will the atmosphere be like? How are the people? How will I be welcomed by them?

The answers to these questions may determine your journey. When people go the extra mile and you feel at home, your experience will be an unforgettable one. And is that not what life is about? Collecting exquisite memories? We think it is.

From the moment you walk through the revolving doors of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, you enter a world of serenity and authenticity. A sense of calmness will come over you.

We want our guests to feel special, respected, serene and important. You will feel it when you check in at the front desk, or when you are welcomed by our waitresses in kimono in Yamazato Restaurant.

Omotenashi. It is what we stand for and what we find important.


What is omotenashi?

Omotenashi is the art of Japanese service, anticipating every need, meticulous attention to detail, expecting nothing back, non-intrusive, respectful of distance, space and quiet whilst totally within reach.

This sense of omotenashi begins at every doorway. Whether you enter our hotel, visit one of our restaurants or indulge yourself with finding moments of space and calm at Nagomi Health and Spa.

For the sake of giving, not receiving

It is a subtle, invisible aspect of Japanese culture. It is providing exquisite service without expecting anything in return. One of the core ideas of omotenashi is the way of anticipating the needs of our guests. A good example of this is oshibori. Oshibori is a neatly rolled wet towel that can be warm or cool depending on the weather. It is not only to fresh up your hands; it helps you to calm down and to feel comfortable.

Experience omotenashi

Rooted in the art of Japanese service, we offer peaceful luxury in Amsterdam. Step into our world, and experience the exquisite. We cannot wait to welcome you.