Corporate Social Responsibility

Member of Green Globe

We are delighted to offer Green Globe certified hotel facilities. Green Globe is the global certification for sustainable tourism. Its members save energy and water resources, reduce operational costs and positively contribute to local communities and their environment. We endorse these goals for the world-wide market of leisure and corporate travelers as well as meeting planners who are looking for sustainable travel options. In 2018 we have been awarded with the Green Globe Gold Status marking five consecutive years of certification.

Green Globe certificate 2021

Sustainable management policy

At Hotel Okura Amsterdam we are aware of our environmental and social impact. As a company with a long-term vision, we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to society and to limit our environmental impact.

For Hotel Okura Amsterdam, SMP means that with everything we do we consider the possible social and environmental consequences while running a financially sound business. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment and to positively contribute to the well-being of our team members, guests, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We have a dynamic sustainable management policy which changes and adjusts according to the needs and requirements. By practicing the philosophy of Kaizen (“kai” means change and “zen” means good), we aim to ‘change for better’ by implementing measures to continuously improve our organization. By embracing the Lean Model and making it a centric part of our management culture, we place the guest at the centre of our organisation, we optimise our work methods and procedures to eliminate waste, both in time and resources, and we create a fun and effective workplace.

For our sustainable management policy this translates in continuously developing our actions and in staying active and alert on our priorities by keeping to a few focus points at a time. This way of working has allowed us to be able to re-focus as the Covid pandemic has changed the landscape of the (hospitality) world and the access to resources.

We choose the three pillars below and aim to achieve a balance between these pillars in our organisation to realise the most sustainable results for Hotel Okura Amsterdam, its stakeholders and for society in general.


Commitment to the environment

We actively participate in the protection of the environment by:

• Increasing awareness and participation from our guests.

Including offering in-room selection of services, paperless check-in and check-out, local and seasonal products on our menus, biodegradable alternatives to individual size amenities and awareness of the high drinking quality of our tap water.

• Increasing awareness and participation from our team members.

By training, recycling programs, a sustainability taskforce, sharing best practices, double sided printing settings and adjusted work methods to avoid waste as part of our annual company goals.

Working with suppliers and partners with similar ambitions.

• Reducing our carbon footprint

By waste separation and reduction, using biodegradable cleaning products, water preservation program, hybrid and-or electrical company cars.

• Reducing energy consumption.

Including adjusting our equipment, technical installations and operational methods to make them as efficient and effective. Practicing preventive maintenance, using in-room energy savers, using a building management system to regulate the heating and cooling of various areas of the hotel, using energy-saving solar resistant film on various windows, energy efficient lifts, generating our own energy through solar panels and thermal energy storage (efficient heating and cooling system).

• Collaborating with, and member of, sustainable organisations, such as Koplopers Groep Circulaire Hotels Amsterdam, Green Globe and Green Label Service.


Commitment to society

We support local and national good-will organisations and individuals by making our time, spirit, know-how and materials available to those in need.

We commit to:

• Being part of our community.

By caring for our neighbours with preferred offers, sponsoring local charities and hosting neighbourhood events.

• Donating to special requests for individuals in need such as Make a Wish foundation.

• Supporting Ronald Mc Donald’s children foundation through sponsoring events.

• Supporting EmmaChildren’s Hospital through shared projects such as hospitality training and events.

• Supporting d’Oude Rai (home to the elderly) with events.

• Donating equipment, furniture and other goods and services to those in need.

• Participating in the Leading Hotels of the World Stay it Forward program.

• Being partner of Emma at Work: supporting young professionals


Commitment to our team

Our team members are the foundation of our organisation, our most valuable asset and therefore our main investment. Professional talent is becoming scarcer and a global challenge which makes this pilar more important than ever.

We believe in:

• Investing time, energy, and resources in building the next generation of future hospitality professionals.

• Being a loyal and trustworthy employer, in good times and challenging times.

• Diversity and inclusion.

• Continuous training and personal development for all team members, including internships and apprenticeships.

• Creating an international and inspirational work environment.

• Stimulating autonomy in all levels of the organisation.

• Above market secondary employment benefits and motivational perks.

• Being a forward thinking and a bottom-up organisation aimed to include the employee in fulfilling their maximum potential and being involved in the work that affects them

• Empowering each employee to come forward with (lean) ideas, innovative adjustments, and commercial opportunities.

• Stimulating a leadership style based on trust and talent-based development.

• Offering a safe and healthy work environment.


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