Experience Sustainable Luxury at Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Located in the almost 750-year-old city of Amsterdam, Hotel Okura Amsterdam embarked on a transformative journey to champion sustainability through the principles of Kaizen. This story is not a mere checklist of eco-friendly practices but a tale of continuous improvements, inspired by the Japanese philosophy that advocates small, incremental changes for lasting impact. Click here to know more about our sustainability efforts.

Member of Green Globe Platinum

We are delighted to offer Green Globe certified hotel facilities. Platinum Member status is awarded to members that are certified for 10 consecutive years. This is the highest level designation offered by Green Globe and is only possible when a member meets all requisite criteria within the Green Globe Standard for Travel & Tourism (or their sectorial Standard) and have complete the independent and mandatory onsite and desktop audits in alternating years.

Platinum membership is not automatically granted upon completion of these base requirements, but is awarded after a review of overall member performance during the 10 year period to ensure continuous efforts have been made in the key themes: Sustainable Management; Social/Economic; Cultural Heritage; Environment. Green Globe reserves all rights in respect to elevating members to Platinum. Shortly, we will update the certificate of 2024.

Green Globe Platinum member 2023

Unesco Sustainable Travel pledge 2022

Hotel Okura Amsterdam is proud to announce its recognition by UNESCO for integrating sustainability in our operations and inspiring others to do so as well. Being awarded with the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge means that we consider the following themes:

  1. Community engagement. Encouraging and supporting local communities to thrive.
  2. Energy conservation. Reducing carbon emissions and playing part in preserving our natural resources.
  3. Water conservation. Managing water supply through installing eco-friendly systems.
  4. Waste reduction. Implementing policies regarding recycling practices and minimization of waste.
  5. Single-use plastic reduction. Committing to replacing single use plastics by launching sustainable alternatives.

Justdiggit With ACS 2024

Being associated with ACS makes the regreening of 10,000 square metres in Kenya on behalf of Hotel Okura Amsterdam possible. We are proud of this upcoming achievement towards a greener globe. Shortly, we will update the certificate of 2024.