Okura Nikko Hotel Management

Okura Nikko Hotel Management

Okura Nikko Hotels Management Co., Ltd, based in Tokyo, owns and operates a range of businesses related to the hospitality field. Okura Nikko Hotels exemplifies the very highest Japanese hotel standards, both inJapan and around the world. With Okura Hotels & Resorts, globally expanding Nikko Hotels International and Japan-focused Hotel JAL City brands, the entire group includes hotels in 10 countries and territories.

Each of the hotels has its own individual character and flavour, but all have something in common: a dedication to omotenashi –Japanese culture of exceptional service, and attention to every detail in your stay.

To many guests the name is synonymous with meticulous customer service. That is why many return to Okura Nikko Hotel Management trip after trip, year after year, to rediscover once more what makes this chain unique.

Okura Nikko Hotel Management continues to strive to create new opportunities to serve you.


It all started with a dream, back in the 1950s in Tokyo. Baron Kishichiro Okura wanted to create the ideal hotel for everyone coming to Japan. In 1958 the Tasei KankoCo., Ltd. (currently Hotel Okura Co., Ltd.) was set up by the Baron and Iwajiro Noda, then President, assisted by Torao Aoki, then Vice President. Plans were laid for a hotel that would retain the essence of indigenous design and courtesy, while incorporating internationally understood procedures. Western and Eastern influences were perfectly blended to make international guests feel at home at Hotel Okura Tokyo, that was opened in 1962.

The stated objective of Hotel Okura Tokyo at the time of its opening was to become the best hotel in the world. The specific means to achieve this objective would be the Best A.C.S.: Best Accommodation, Best Cuisine and Best Service. The first of these, best accommodation refer to the facilities of the hotel. Aoki’s contribution here was the idea of building facilities that ‘age gracefully’. This makes maintenance and care in day-to-day use all the more important, but also the need to quickly adopt the latest equipment and systems. Best cuisine means absolutely maintain cuisine of the very highest quality. Third, best service, the best facilities and the best cuisine come into their own only with the very best service. The job of a hotel is to satisfy its guests and this can only be with the very best service. This was the basis philosophy of the chain Okura Hotels & Resorts.

Iwajiro Noda had numerous plans for expansion beyond Japan’s borders. He was born inNagasaki, home to Holland Village, where people are familiar with the ancient trade relations between Japan and Holland. The special relationship between Holland and Japan dates back to 1639, when only Dutch Traders were permitted to continue their trading affairs in Japan, on the island of Deshima. Therefore, Noda was convinced that Amsterdam had to be the location of the first Okura hotel of the European expansion.

Okura Hotels & Resorts

Representing the essence of elegance and refined Japanese hospitality

The finest aspects of Japan are crystalized in Okura Hotels & Resorts. As by the timeless radiance of the iconic Hotel Okura Tokyo, the hotels deliver a luxuriant blend of local accents fused with touches of classic Japanese beauty and tradition.

It is here that our spirit of hospitality and harmony sees its greatest expression. Worldwide, Okura Hotels & Resorts is committed to providing each of our guets with the very Best A.C.S.: Best Accommodation, Best Cuisine and Best Service. Okura Hotels & Resorts offers an invigorating blend of Japanese beauty and Western-style functionality, outstanding global gourmet using handpicked ingredients prepared to perfection, and the ultimate in impeccable Japanese service.

Regardless of where you are from, and whether you come for leisure or business, you will enjoy a place of tranquil relaxation, a stunning backdrop to the most important gatherings, and an outstanding experience surpassing all expectations.