Concierge services

Amsterdam has so much to offer, from canal boat tours to world-renown museums. Whatever you may have in mind, our concierge team stands ready to provide you with all the city information and service you may need. Transport services, family fun, shopping suggestions and walking routes to all manner of activities as well as a detailed map and explanation of the charming neighbourhood can all be arranged for you when you speak with our concierge team. To ensure that your visit to Amsterdam is an exceptional one, our concierge team offers authentic recommendations to places that we love to go to ourselves.

Enjoying the city

For the optimal sightseeing experience, here are our three ideal transportation options: A private or public boat tour, on one of our rental bikes, or with a private chauffeur.


Exploring the beautiful Venice of the North from the water is likely one of the most relaxed and romantic options you may find. Whether you call yourself captain for the day with your own private picnic on board or enlist a captain and his traditional saloon boat – with a waiter serving food and drinks while you sit back and enjoy the scenery – arranging a boat in accordance to your wishes would be our pleasure.


Cycling through the city is an excellent way to get to know Amsterdam up close and personal. As the Dutch use their bikes to get around all day, this mode of transport is the ideal traditional experience. We provide bicycles in excellent condition for rent as well as great routes throughout and around the city should you like to experience Amsterdam in this manner. During the summer months, we can even help arrange a picnic for you should you like to bike to one of Amsterdam’s many parks as well. You may find more information on this here..

€ 18,50 per bike for 24 hours


Interested in discovering the city or more of what the Netherlands has to offer with a private chauffeur at your side (with or without a guide)? Please let us know and we can arrange various cars to suit your preference.

Mercedes E class for €122.50 per hour
Mercedes S class for €152.50 per hour
Mercedes minivan for €167.50 per hour
Tesla Model X or Mercedes EQA for € 152.50 per hour