Traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine

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The origins of the kaiseki cuisine are found many centuries ago in simple meals served at a tea ceremony, but later it evolved into an elaborate dining style.

The traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine, which is served in Yamazato, represents a Japanese multi-course haute cuisine. Our menus have been picked by our Executive Chef Masanori Tomikawa, all in favour of the traditional Japanese cuisine. The cuisine focuses on the purity of traditional, seasonal Japanese ingredients, instead of using stronger flavours. The menus are served into small delights in sequence, one after another, in order to let you appreciate every detail. The style of the kaiseki menus is minimalistic and the taste, texture, appearance and colours of the food are perfectly balanced in each course.

Kaiseki does not lend itself to gigantic displays, instead utmost care is given to the smallest details. The dishes, chinaware and kimonos of the waitresses are all infused with symbolism following the changes of the season. The restaurant breathes a classical serene atmosphere and gives you the instant feeling of being in Japan.

Omotenashi is our way of service within the authentic Japanese Yamazato Restaurant. This way of service covers the essence of taking pride and anticipating the needs of all guests before arrival. Japanese hospitality is providing service from our heart. Most of the service staff is Japanese and can speak English, so we will be more than happy to provide you with additional explanation.

Simple and modest, it should reflect a sense of the season and express sensitivity to human feelings. Respect and dedication will appear on the table in many different versions.