Japanese crane hatches from the egg at ARTIS

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Hotel Okura Amsterdam is a proud adoption partner of the cranes at ARTIS. In early June, a beautiful fluffy young crane was born there. Fantastic news, especially considering that the birds are among the most endangered species in the world.

To celebrate this moment, we visited ARTIS with a treat for the caring team. Michiel Roelfsema, General Manager of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, had the honor of presenting the treat. Not a traditional Dutch “beschuit met muisjes” (a typical Dutch birth announcement treat), but refined patisserie with a Japanese touch. Lovingly crafted by our patisserie team.

We now know that the crane is a girl. Or rather, a young lady. The bird is growing rapidly and already looks like a real teenager, standing tall on her legs. Definitely worth following, especially since the crane symbolizes luck and a long life in Japan.

Through this adoption, Hotel Okura Amsterdam supports the preservation of ARTIS as an institution, ensuring that people will continue to be inspired, marvel at, and learn about nature and themselves in the future. The zoo is located just 3 kilometers from the hotel, making it easily combinable with your stay.