Golden jubilee at Van Gogh museum

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Hotel Okura Amsterdam created 8 bites inspired by the master’s works

13 June 2023The Van Gogh Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. A golden jubilee. The museum’s anniversary year is all about inspiration and treats. Exactly 50 years after opening the museum doors on 2 June, the Van Gogh Museum treated at the Sunflower Art Festival on Museumplein.

A day with a special programme. This included Princess Beatrix receiving a sunflower from Emilie Gordenker, director of the Van Gogh Museum, just like her mother did 50 years ago at the museum’s opening. A day of music, performances and workshops. And, the memorable drone show in the evening where Van Gogh’s work was recreated with 200 drones.

As a loyal partner of the Van Gogh Museum, we were invited to make our contribution to the day. We were honoured with the opportunity of creating the lunch menu. Our Executive Chef Michel Westerman and his team were inspired by eight works of Van Gogh. It resulted in exquisite bites that caress the taste buds like the master’s brush.

Where our team was inspired by the master’s work, Vincent was inspired by Japanese prints. Japanese printmaking was one of his greatest inspirations, an artistic model. Exotic and cheerful with unusual spatial effects, large areas in strong colours, everyday subjects and attention to details from nature.

Japanese influences characterised Vincent’s work until the last months of his life. The exhibition “Van Gogh in Auvers” is on display about this period specifically. During that time he made wide panoramic paintings. 

Will you be staying with us in June or July and desire to visit this exhibition? Then mention Van Gogh in the comment section with your online reservation and be quick. We will treat the first six guests to tickets to visit this wonderful exhibition.