3 questions to the Purchase Manager

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3 questions to Joeri van den Broek,

Purchase Manager at Hotel Okura Amsterdam

13 June 2023 – Every month we like to introduce you to one of our well-respected employees. This time it is Joeri van den Broek, Purchase Manager at Hotel Okura Amsterdam. “Pleased to make your acquaintance! I like to reflect on this month’s three questions, so if you are ready, read along and get to know our department a little bit better!”

What makes your day as Purchase Manager?
At Purchase, we support the many departments of this wonderful hotel in purchasing and administration. There’s more to that than meets the eye. And that is exactly what makes my job so interesting. We maintain daily contact with suppliers that deliver the most beautiful and unique products. Whether it’s buying, receiving or forwarding these products to the departments, we do this with the utmost care. To manage this, we have our own central storage and a refrigerated wine storage with a most exclusive selection wines, which could make any sommelier jealous. It brings me great pleasure to succeed as a team and ensure a smoothly running operation, THAT is what makes my day!

What was the prime example of Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, for you last month?

Within our department, we work with many different departments. Our ‘guests’ are our colleagues, a wide variety of suppliers and, in addition, the people who actually come here to deliver the goods. We treat everyone with respect, as everyone is an expert in their respective job. This is noticeable in the smallest of details, where you notice that there true cooperation and you look for solutions, together!

For instance, recently the gentlemen from our beverage supplier arrived with more than 20 pallets of beverages, was running late and arrived after business hours.  Not only did we help the supplier, we, as a surprise, left two frikandel sandwiches in his truck, so he had a nice snack on the road as he had had a long day.

Why are you an avid Homewalk participant? And what does it do with the team spirit?

Homewalk by Ronald McDonald Home Charities is a wonderful event where many people come together in pursuit of a noble goal: bringing families with a sick child close together in the Ronald McDonald houses, living rooms and holiday homes.

We participate in the 24-hour run and have taken a number of fun actions to raise funds. For example, we sold lottery tickets at our annual staff party and team members put their individual talents to work. As a collective, we are hugely looking forward to the 24-hour run at the end of this month and will undoubtedly raise a wonderful amount together!