Recipe: tuna tartare with avocado, radish and sambai

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The chef at Serre, is happy to share the tuna tartare recipe with you. A nice light starter to start of your dinner. Before you start it is important to have the following ingredients ready to work with. The amount of ingredients is suitable for 4 persons


300 gr tuna fillet
Nori kroepoek – available at the nut shop (Gotjé)

Sambai jelly

200 gr sambai vinegar – available at the toko
2 sheets of gelatine 

Radish sweet and sour

1 bunch of point radish 
100 gr sugar
100 gr water
200 gr sushi vinegar – available at the toko

Avocado cream

1 avocado
50 gr crème fraiche

Sesam cream

20 gr yoghurt 
20 gr egg white
5 gr sushi vinegar
80 gr sesame oil


Sambai jelly

Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water. Heat 100 grams of sambai vinegar. Dissolve the gelatine and add the rest of the sambai vinegar. Chill the sambai in the refrigerator. 

Radish sweet and sour

Set aside three radishes for later and cut the rest of the radishes into quarters. Dissolve the sugar in a pan with water. Mix the sugar water with the sushi vinegar and pour over the radishes. Thinly scrape the three radishes over the mandolin and place in water with a little bit of ice. 

Avocado cream

Peel the avocado and remove the stone. Blanc the avocado in plenty of boiling water for 20 seconds and cool immediately with ice water. Remove the avocado from the water and put it into the blender with the crème fraiche, tabasco and salt until it is a smooth mixture. Put the cream in a piping bag, make it airtight and store in a cold dark place.

Sesam cream

Put the yoghurt, sushi vinegar and a pinch of salt in a mixing bowl. Mix it well with a hand blender and add the sesame oil drop by drop. Put the cream in a piping bag.

Tuna tartare

Cut the tuna into small cubes and season with a little pepper, salt and olive oil. 


Use a deep plate or bowl. Divide the tuna between the 4 plates. Stir the jelly and put two spoons of sambai per plate around the tuna. Place 5 dots of avocado cream on the tuna. Place 5 dots of sesame cream on the tuna, between the avocado dots. Place 5 slices of raw radish on the dots. Place 5 slices of sweet and sour radishes on top of the other dots. Garnish with kroepoek.

Tuna dish Serre
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