Attention anyone with a sweet tooth!

Cookies, chocolates, petit fours… The pastry department of Hotel Okura Amsterdam is at full swing in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. The pastry team is going all out to produce the most beautiful cakes, cookies, chocolate showpieces and petit fours. A team of people known for their creativity, and led by Executive Pastry Chef Iiro Heinila since 2010. Iiro learned the art of pastry making from renowned French Pastry Chef Christophe Michalak and honed his skills in Finland and France.

Chocolate room
Very few hotels have their very own special pastry departments. Ours provides Okura’s guests with the most delicious sweets at the hotel’s restaurants, the hotel itself and the banqueting department. The design of the new pastry department included a tailor-made preparation kitchen for chocolate. This so-called Chocolate Room was specially designed to ensure optimal conditions for working with chocolate. Steady humidity and fixed room temperatures guarantee the perfect conditions for preparing and processing chocolate. Marble counter tops stay cool, making it an ideal environment for producing bonbons. The fridges are kept at a constant at 14˚C, the best temperature to store chocolate.

Sweet tooth?
Together with his enthusiastic pastry team, Iiro provides Serre Restaurant with the most delicious cakes, pies, cookies and petit fours to fill their pastry trolley. You may have already checked out the pastry trolley at Serre Restaurant, which offers the most beautiful and delicious cakes to accompany your coffee. Ciel Bleu can also count on the expertise of the pastry team. But that’s not all… How about personalised birthday cakes for guests, a box of cookies or macaroons for a sales client or 1000 petit fours to be relished during a coffee break at a conference. During the Easter period, the giant chocolate eggs on display in the lobby are a major veritable feast for the eye and every one of them hand made by the pastry team!