Recipe: Steamed sea bream in a sea salt case with leek sauce (4 persons)

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The chefs of Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka are happy to share the recipe for steamed sea bream in salt short with leek sauce. With this delicious recipe we bring the restaurant to your kitchen.


4 trimmed fillets of sea bream, with skins (about 70 g each)
8 pieces of konbu seaweed, 4 roughly the same size as the fillets, 4 slightly larger.

For the salt case

240 ml egg white
1 kg salt
120 g katakuriko (potato starch)

For the paste

120 g leek
100 ml peanut oil
3 g salt

Tip: If you don’t have a teppan griddle at home, you can also use a frying pan. Use a toothpick to keep the seaweed and fish together while cooking.

Sazanka's fish


To make the salt case, mix the salt and katakuriko in a bowl, add the egg whites and beat well until the mixture is firm and forms peaks.

To make the sauce, flatten out the central part of the leek, shred it lengthways and then chop finely sideways. Combine the chopped leek with the peanut oil in a pan to make a sauce. Place on the teppan griddle at low heat, stirring frequently and taking care it does not burn. As the flavours and aromas begin to be released, remove from the heat and mix in the salt. Keep the sauce at room temperature.

Place sea bream fillets skin-side down on the teppan griddle, at heat for about 30 seconds. Push down firmly on each fillet with a spatula, then season lightly with salt and pepper. Turn the fillets over and remove the skins (they should come off easily if the fillets are cooking properly). Place the skins with the insides downwards on a medium-hot part of the teppan griddle. When they are crisp, remove them from direct heat, but keep warm, and season with salt.

Place the smaller pieces of konbu on a medium-hot part of the teppan griddle. Put a fillet on each, and cover the fish with the larger konbu pieces. Spoon the salt casing over each portion to cover with a small mound. After a minute, or when the case has hardened and is easy to move, transfer the mounds to a hotter part of the teppan griddle. Leave to steam under a steel cloche for 4 minutes. Remove the cloche, and allow them to steam for a further 6 minutes under the salt casings.

Remove the salt cases from the heat, turn them over and remove the outer layer of konbu.

Place fish-side up on individual serving plates. Pile leek paste over each serving, and garnish with the crispy fish skins.

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