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When you think about Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka, you’re probably also thinking about the delicate Wagyu meat they have on their menu. Dutch meat supplier Nice to Meat has been lobbying for 15 years to open up the Japanese export market, and that lobbying has finally paid off; Sazanka is now one of the first restaurants in the Netherlands to serve Wagyu meat directly from Japan. Unique in Europe.

Exclusive import contract

Nice to Meat has been importing the highest quality of Wagyu meat from North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand for years. But thanks to an exclusive import contract, Nice to Meat is now licensed to import and sell Wagyu directly from Japan. Mikel Pouw of Nice to Meat explains: “For meat lovers, the experience of eating this Wagyu meat is an unsurpassed experience. Of course, Japanese Wagyu is very expensive, but you eat it in very modest portions.”

A unique story

Few meats are able to tickle the imagination like Wagyu. Some anecdotes have developed into legends of truly imperial proportions. The cattle drank beer and were massaged by geishas. After this, the farmers rubbed the cows’ backs with sake. In short, the Wagyu cattle were thoroughly pampered. No effort was too great, as long as it resulted in a nice piece of beef with a fine marbling of gossamer veins of fat. However, these and other stories are only partly true and have led to many a misunderstanding of the meat itself.

In the past, if the Japanese elite occasionally ate a piece of meat, this would come from the cattle currently known by the name Wagyu. The cattle would work in the rice fields pulling the plough. The Wagyu were exceptionally suited for this strenuous work because they could quickly convert fat into energy, thanks to the effective distribution of their intramuscular fat. In the mid-20th century, Japan wanted to produce domestic meat that was superior to foreign products. The ability to distribute numerous veins of fat throughout the muscle tissue offered particularly good opportunities for improvements in the breed. Sophisticated breeding programmes and feeding schemes produced excellent results. Would you like to taste this unique meat? Visit Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka.