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  • Route description

    How to get to Hotel Okura Amsterdam by car or public transport

    Located close to the city's business district, and with major tourist attractions and exclusive shopping streets just around the corner, Hotel Okura Amsterdam is the perfect home base for your stay in Amsterdam. The hotel is conveniently accessible by car as well as public transport.

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  • Parking

    Park your car at the hotel or elsewhere the city

    Hotel Okura Amsterdam has a private parking garage. There are also numerous other options to park your car in Amsterdam.

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  • Airport transfers

    A comfortable start to your stay in Amsterdam

    The daily frequent shuttle bus takes you from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Okura and back. If you'd rather travel on your own, you can make use of our private airport pick-up.

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  • VIP Centre Schiphol

    The most exclusive way to travel at the airport

    Make use of the VIP centre services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and enjoy drinks and snacks in one of the VIP lounges while your baggage is taken care of. A dedicated team ensures a smooth check-in, passport control, and security process. Luxury transfer to or from the aircraft completes this exclusive way of travelling.

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