Yamazato sake

Yamazato Miyagi sake

Yamazato Restaurant introduces its own exclusive Yamazato label sake in collaboration with the Kanbai Shuzo brewery. This brewery is located in Osaki town in the Miyagi prefecture, a region that is internationally renowned for its quality sakes.

Masanori Tomikawa, Executive Chef and Manager of Okura’s Yamazato Restaurant and Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka, travelled all the way to Osaki to visit our partner, Mr Yoshino Aota. During his visit he personally harvested the “Sasanishiki” rice type together with Aota-san. The rice fields of Aota’s farm have been carefully cultivated, providing rice that, once processed in its own unique way, produces the signature, limited and original Yamazato labelled sake that is characterised by elegant fruity notes and a fresh smooth finish.

In the video below we will take you with us on our journey through the rice fields – where the process of sake-making begins. We will give you a glimpse into the world of sake and the collaboration between Yamazato Restaurant and the Kanbai Shuzo brewery. 

Experience the exquisite with our exclusive Yamazato label sake or one of the other carefully selected sakes from the Miyagi prefecture.

Okura at home

You can order the Yamazato sake online via the button in the bottom right corner. For a fine dining experience at home you can compose your own menu with your favourite dishes from Okura’s restaurant.

Okura sake


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