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Just like Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Yamazato is celebrating its golden jubilee this year. And we are celebrating in the only way we know how – in unique culinary style! To mark this special occasion, the chefs of Yamazato and Ciel Bleu are joining forces to create a 16-course Omakase dining experience full of bold and stunning taste sensations that combine the very best of Japanese and Western cuisine. From 3 March to 19 March inclusive, sixteen guests a night will have the opportunity to experience these exclusive creations in an intimate setting at Yamazato restaurant.


The masterminds behind our exclusive Omakase dining experience are Masanori Tomikawa and Arjan Speelman, the executive chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants Yamazato* and Ciel Bleu**. To create this gastronomic masterpiece, the chefs are drawing from their own backgrounds to unite Japanese and Western haute cuisine in spectacular fashion. This is the very first time that the two renowned chefs have co-created a menu together. For them, it is a fantastic opportunity to let their creativity run wild: three stars, two chefs, one unique experience.

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A golden jubilee is the perfect excuse to indulge in an evening with a golden touch. After a warm welcome by the chefs, you will take a seat at Yamazato’s sushi bar and prepare your senses for a culinary experience like no other. A feast for the taste buds and for the eyes – savour in the many surprising flavour combinations and watch the chefs as they work. You will even have the opportunity to talk to them about their creations. Let’s make it a night to remember and celebrate 50 years of appreciation for Yamazato’s gastronomic delights.


For 50 years, restaurant Yamazato and Hotel Okura Amsterdam have been at the heart of the Okura experience. In the restaurant, guests are transported to the land of the rising sun. Exclusively during our anniversary evenings, you can experience a sensational fusion of Japanese and Western haute cuisine at restaurant Yamazato. And, after an evening of wining and dining, why not treat yourself to a night of unprecedented comfort and luxury at Hotel Okura Amsterdam.


The menu comprises no fewer than 16 courses that have been carefully balanced to surprise guests with an unforgettable taste sensation. The Yamazato and Ciel Bleu sommeliers, Menno Tol and Barry Kleijne, add the finishing touch with irresistible wine and saké pairings that combine the best of East and West. Our exclusive anniversary evenings epitomise the expertise and creativity of our executive chefs, who take you on an unforgettable culinary journey.


Omakase is all about letting the chefs do their thing. In Japan, Omakase literally means ‘I’ll leave it to the chef’. It is a celebration of the chef’s craftsmanship and artistry. But the menu isn’t just a surprise for you; it’s also a surprise for the chefs. They will let themselves be guided, inspired, and wowed by the ingredients that are available on the day. And, on the special anniversary evenings, guests will be able to sit at the sushi bar and watch the chefs as they prepare the dishes – dishes that capture the energy of the evening. Indulge in 16 courses packed with sensational flavours. Indulge in The Art of Omakase.

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‘It is a privilege to mark Yamazato’s anniversary by joining forces with Arjan to co-create this exclusive Omakase dining experience,’ says Masanori Tomikawa, executive chef at Yamazato. ‘To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we wanted to do something special for our guests. After all, we are still here today because they appreciate our culinary creations. Appreciation for Japanese cuisine has grown more and more over the years. Guests are now quite familiar with Oriental flavours, so we decided to let them experience a unique collaboration with Ciel Bleu and challenge them with this varied menu.’


Arjan Speelman, executive chef at Ciel Bleu: ‘Creating the Omakase menu is an opportunity to let our creativity run wild. We really wanted to create something that our guests wouldn’t expect and that excites their taste buds like never before. It is truly a privilege to work with Tomikawa. He and Yamazato have written history in the Netherlands. Yamazato is the only Japanese restaurant in Europe to have been awarded a Michelin star. Add to that Ciel Bleu’s two stars, and you can just imagine how unforgettable the anniversary evenings are going to be.’

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‘Yamazato is one of the highlights at Hotel Okura Amsterdam,’ said Michiel Roelfsema, general manager at Hotel Okura Amsterdam. ‘For 50 years, the restaurant and the hotel have been at the heart of the Okura experience. In the restaurant, guests are transported to the land of the rising sun. Yamazato lives and breathes Japanese culture. And this is where our people really make the difference. You can really taste and experience Japanese hospitality. Our anniversary year is dedicated to The Art of Okura. Now we’re adding The Art of Omakase to that.’

The Art of Okura

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