Dining experience at home

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Compose your own menu with dishes from Okura’s restaurants for a fine dining experience at home.

Choose your favourite Okura dishes and fill your table at home in no time. Next to the dishes prepared in our kitchen, such as Yamazato’s sushi and sashimi, we also offer four Japanese specialities to cook at home. With Yamazato’s authentic shabu shabu and sukiyaki and Sazanka’s fish in salt crust and A5 wagyu steak, you get started with the freshest and most exclusive Japanese products. The ingredients from these dishes are imported from Japan to ensure the best quality. The specialities consists of a recipe and instruction video from our chefs in which they guide you through the recipe. 

Yamazatos sukiyaki
Okura at home

To complete your dining experience you can add different kinds of salads as a starter. Complete your main course with fried rice and edamame and finish your meal with Okura’s apple pie, macaroons and sorbet ice cream.

We ask you to order at least one day in advance, because of the preparation time of the dishes. Pick up is possible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm in front of the hotel. In Amsterdam and Amstelveen we deliver on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm for € 30 by a minimum order value of € 100. Make sure you are at home during these time slots to receive your order.