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New initiatives are emerging. And, a Japanese crane!

Welcome back to the world of Hotel Okura Amsterdam! This month, we have news about the expansion of our culinary offerings: the recent introduction of Okura Wit and the opening of the first pop-up store. In Pop-up Pastry, we showcase the craft of patisserie. We also share the joyful news of the birth of a Japanese crane at ARTIS. During the presentation of the newborn gift, we took a photo of the little one for you. To celebrate this occasion, we are extending 5 bookings of the Family Experience with free tickets to see the bird for yourself. And, as always, we are pleased to introduce you to one of our valuable team members. This time, Ivo de Beus, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage.

3 Questions for Ivo de Beus

How does the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen resonate in the restaurants of Hotel Okura Amsterdam?

The Japanese Kaizen philosophy resonates in everything we do. It’s a crucial way to continuously improve the quality and experience of our restaurants – a way of thinking and acting. We are always looking at ways to do things better; there is no status quo for us. This means constantly refining our internal processes to provide our guests with a unique overall experience. For example, our restaurant staff visits our cheese supplier not only to collaborate better but also to tell a compelling story to our guests. Another example: during events, our chefs share kitchens with other renowned chefs to exchange ideas. This way, we always stay innovative.

And, Ivo, tell us more:

What makes your day as Assistant Director of Food & Beverage?

What makes the collaboration between Okura and Homeland so close?

Read the full interview with Ivo de Beus here

Okura Wit: exceptionally summery beer

Last month, we had the pleasure of introducing our new beer, Okura Wit, in collaboration with Homeland Brewery! It is an exceptionally summery white beer: fresh, smooth, and full-bodied. Okura Wit is a co-creation with Brewmaster Wietse Postma from Homeland Brewery and the executive chefs of Yamazato*, Masanori Tomikawa, and Ciel Bleu**, Arjan Speelman. Together, they have created a unique taste experience with Okura Wit. It’s the perfect beer to enjoy on the terrace at restaurant Serre, one of the restaurants at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, or order it online. Try it now and order Okura Wit via Okura at Home. Learn more about the collaboration here.

Artisanal patisserie in Pop-up Pastry

On Wednesday, July 19th, we opened the doors of Pop-up Pastry. In the pop-up store, accessible through the terrace of Serre on the ground floor of the hotel, we present edible artworks with a Japanese touch. Pop-up Pastry showcases the craftsmanship and expertise of our talented patissiers, led by Executive Pastry Chef Iiro Heinila. The patisserie is meticulously crafted with passion and precision by our expert team of patissiers.

Food enthusiasts should act fast because the pop-up is only available for 7 weeks, until September 3rd. Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Watch the video where Executive Pastry Chef Iiro Heinila and his team go on a journey of inspiration to create delicious pastries for the pop-up store. You are warmly invited to visit and embark on a delightful journey through the world of culinary creations. Learn more about Pop-up Pastry.

Outstanding performance at Ciel Bleu

Team-oriented collaboration and structure. According to Executive Chef Arjan Speelman of Ciel Bleu** at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, these are the key factors for achieving a culinary top performance. In the kitchen of the Michelin-starred restaurant, a clear hierarchy is maintained, and everyone has a defined role. But if any deviation is noticed, everyone is encouraged to give feedback. We go above and beyond for each other. Arjan compares it to Formula 1 racing, where losing is not an option!

Congratulations! Japanese crane hatches from the egg

Hotel Okura Amsterdam is a proud partner of the cranes at ARTIS. In early June, a beautiful fluffy young crane was born there. Fantastic news, especially considering that these birds are among the most endangered species in the world. To celebrate this moment, we visited ARTIS with a treat for the caring team. Not a traditional Dutch “beschuit met muisjes” (a typical Dutch birth announcement treat), but refined patisserie with a Japanese touch, lovingly prepared by our patisserie team.

In Japan, the crane symbolizes luck and a long life. Make sure to admire the little fluffy specimen when you visit ARTIS! Read our blog about the partnership and this joyous moment

Family Experience Package. Win a visit to ARTIS.

Enjoy a wonderful time in Amsterdam with your family. Hotel Okura Amsterdam is the perfect place to stay during your family getaway. While your children have fun in the pool or with a treasure hunt in the hotel, you and your partner can enjoy some quality time together. When booking a family room, you are guaranteed adjoining rooms. And especially to celebrate the birth of the crane, the first five bookings will receive a free family ticket to ARTIS.

Book now and mention ARTIS in the comments of your reservation.


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