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My name is Henk Looman and I’m originally from an area of the Netherlands called the Veluwe. I studied applied psychology at a university for higher professional education. After graduating, I decided to travel around Southeast Asia for six months. It was an amazing time full of wonderful experiences. 

Once I returned to the Netherlands, I moved to Amsterdam where I found a job in recruitment. In this position, I first concentrated on the financial sector. Later on, after moving to a different company, I switched to finding applicants for HR roles. 

After around four and a half years in recruitment, I decided to change jobs and took a step in a new direction into a career that gave me energy. I decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. After completing several courses, I started working at Hotel Okura Amsterdam as a personal trainer. Just under two years later, I am now married and a father to my son, Ralph. We decided to move out of Amsterdam to Wormerveer. This is a town on the River Zaan, close to where my wife was raised. 

Once we moved there, I could build a career locally as a personal trainer. Having worked there for a year, and after my daughter Juliët was born, I got back in touch with Hotel Okura Amsterdam. I became the new manager at Nagomi Gym & Wellness in August. This is a great, new challenge for me, but in familiar surroundings. 

Recently, Marcella began hosting swimming training sessions. These training sessions focus on improving your swimming technique. They are suitable for swimmers of all levels and count towards the one session of personal training included in the subscription. If you are interested in joining the swimming training sessions, please book a personal training session with Marcella in the MyWellnessApp. The last time slot that can be booked for swimming training is 4:00 PM due to staff coverage.  

Many of you are already using the MyWellnessApp. The personal trainers have added training programmes to the app based on the training sessions they have provided. If you wish to train independently, you can also use the app to find these training programmes and follow them.  

As from today, the trainers can also use tablet computers during your training sessions. This way, they can implement progressions and make any adjustments to your training programme straightaway. The main aim is to ensure you continue to make progress. Furthermore, this way is a more sustainable way than writing down training programmes on paper. 

If you have any questions about using the app, please ask one of our trainers, who will gladly help you further. 


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