Teppanyaki at home

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‘Teppanyaki’ literally means ‘grilled on an iron plate’ (teppan = iron plate, yaki = grill). In Japan this is probably the oldest method of preparing food, invented when the Japanese grilled their fish on a shovel above an open fire. Slowly, this evolved into the sophisticated teppan grill that we know today. Over the last ten years, teppanyaki restaurants have gained enormously in popularity and the number of teppanyaki restaurants has increased steadily. The Sazanka chefs share a delicious Japanese grill recipe with you. Give it a try and explore the magic of teppanyaki at home. 

Wagyu steak with vegetables

4 wagyu sirloin steaks (200 g each)
200 g bean sprouts
120 g Chinese broccoli
7 cloves garlic, finely sliced
Salt and pepper
Garlic-soy sauce
Brandy to flambé

Before you start 

The wagyu steaks should stand at room temperature for at least half an hour before you cook them. If you cannot find wagyu steak, you can also use any good-quality marbled beef steak.


The oil used for cooking on the griddle is sunflower oil. Do not use olive oil – it is too volatile, and has too strong a flavour. The griddle should always be oiled lightly before cooking starts.

This dish requires an oak fermented dry wine; full and smooth with warm spicy hints (cinnamon, cloves). A glass of Nine Popes, Ch. Milton, Barossa Valley, SouthAustralia complements the scent and flavour of the wagyu steak.


1. Toss-fry the Chinese broccoli and bean sprouts together in a shallow pool of oil on the teppan griddle, at high heat. After a few seconds, move the bean sprouts to a cooler part of the plate. Cover the Chinese broccoli and allow to steam, at medium-high heat.
2. Fry the finely sliced garlic in a shallow pool of oil at medium heat, until crisp and golden brown. Take care not to burn it. Remove from the oil and keep to one side.
3. Cut off the fatty ends of the steaks, and chop the fat into tiny cubes (less than 5 mm across), while still on the griddle. Fry them at high heat until crisp. Remove to one side and keep warm. Just before serving, sprinkle the cubes with a little garlic-soy sauce.
4. Fry the wagyu steaks at high heat in the remaining oil, searing one side and seasoning with salt and pepper.
5. The outside of the wagyu steak should have a crisp, char-grilled brown appearance, while the inside should remain pink and juicy. When the steaks are crisp and brown underneath, turn them over. When both sides are crisp and brown, warm a little brandy in a sauce pan and flambé the steaks.
6. Cut the steaks into cubes and serve with the vegetables, crispy fried wagyu fat and garlic on the side.