Cocktail recipe: Okura old fashioned

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Despite the deep-rooted heritage of Twenty Third Bar, we aspire to keep on recreating. Therefore we reintroduce a classy cocktail, enriched with pepper note, which basically reflects our philosophy: classic with a unique twist.

Our bartenders invite you to create one of the classic cocktails from the Twenty Third Bar. This cocktail is inspired by the city of Amsterdam and tasteful all year long.

Ingredients for 1 cocktail

70 ml               Woodford reserve (Bourbon whisky)
20 ml               Homemade chipotle syrup (smoked pepper syrup)
Garnish            Orange zest
Garnish            Cinnamon stick
We recommend the above brand but a different whiskey can also be used.

Recipe chipotle syrup (for 250 ml)

Chipotle and 250 gr sugarcane

Add both 250 ml of hot water and 250 gram of sugar and stir till all sugar is dissolved. Add the chipotle to your taste. Make sure the sugar water is hot enough for the chipotle to absorb. Add chipotle to your taste.

Note: the chipotle has a very spicy taste.

Okura old fashioned cocktail
Okura old fashioned cocktail


1.      Add the ingredients in tumbler glass with ice;
2.      Stir;
3.      Garnish with some orange zest and a cinnamon stick.