Cocktail recipe: Grandpa’s tea

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“I am well aware I am not everyone’s cup of tea… I would rather be someone’s shot of tequila anyway. When visiting your grandma, you might expect a cup of tea with a biscuit, however, when visiting your grandpa, you can expect a naughtier version of this innocent cup of tea.”

Try it yourself? Our bartenders from the Twenty Third Bar share their recipe of Grandpa’s tea with you. Create your own Okura moment with this surprising cocktail inspired by the spectacular view over Amsterdam. Perfect for your Friday afternoon drink at home or when you just want a delicious cocktail.


50 ml                Don Julio Reposado (tequila)
30 ml                Willems Wermoed (vermouth)
20 ml                Homemade cinnamon tea syrup
Garnish           Orange zest
Garnish           Cinnamon stick

We recommend the above brands but different tequila or vermouth can also be used.

Recipe cinnamon tea syrup (1 liter)

Add both hot water and sugar (1:1) and stir till all sugar is dissolved. Add the cinnamon to your taste.

Cocktail Twenty Third Bar
Amsterdam cocktail week at Twenty Third Bar


1.      Add the ingredients in mixing glass with ice;
2.      Stir;
3.      Strain into the tea cup;
4.      Garnish with some orange zest and a cinnamon stick. 

Tip: light the cinnamon stick for a nice scent.

Enjoy your cocktail

Or would you rather leave it up to a professional bartender?

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Guest at Twenty Third Bar