24 hours Okura at home

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At Hotel Okura Amsterdam we stand for peaceful luxury. As it is currently not possible to experience our serene atmosphere and authentic blend of Eastern and Western cultures, we would like to provide you with some tips to give your home an Okura boost. Experience the exquisite with 24 hours Okura at home.

Wake up in an oasis of comfort 

We understand the importance of finding moments of rest. With the extensive selection of iconic Okura products, you can experience this luxurious feeling in the comfort of your home. Give your room an upgrade with Okura’s box spring bed and mattresses. Always had a craving for the crispy bed linen? Decorated with the official hotel symbol, the typical gingko leaves, you are guaranteed of a hotel appearance in your own bedroom. 

Room service - Caesar salad

A light and fresh lunch break

The Caesar salad is one of the most well-known dishes and perfect for the warmer days. The chefs of Serre provide you with their recipe to enable you to create this dish for lunch. 

Create your own spa moments in the afternoon

The Japanese meaning of Nagomi is ‘calm down’ and this embodies the essence of our spa. According to the Japanese you can create a serene and relaxed feeling by pouring some sake in your bathtub while enjoying a warm bath. The sake has an hydrating effect to your body and it softens your skin. 

Bath at Hotel Okura Amsterdam
Okura at home

Dinner time: culinary moments at home

Compose your own menu with dishes from Okura’s restaurants for a fine dining experience at home.

Choose your favourite Okura dishes and fill your table at home in no time. Next to the dishes prepared in our kitchen, such as Yamazato’s sushi and sashimi, we also offer four Japanese specialities to cook at home. With Yamazato’s authentic shabu shabu and sukiyaki and Sazanka’s fish in salt crust and A5 wagyu steak, you get started with the freshest and most exclusive Japanese products. The ingredients from these dishes are imported from Japan to ensure the best quality. The specialities consists of a recipe and instruction video from our chefs in which they guide you through the recipe. 

Sip world-class cocktails in the evening

End your day in style and create your very-own Okura Old-Fashioned or Grandpa’s Tea. To top it off, just imagine the view from our Twenty Third Bar with it. Also perfect for your Friday afternoon drink at home.

Grandpas tea cocktail