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Exclusive Van Gogh Suite and Exhibition in Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 26 March 2015 – Hotel Okura Amsterdam has just opened a new luxury suite: the Van Gogh Suite, named after the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. A descendant of the master painter, Willem van Gogh, and director Axel Rüger of the Van Gogh Museum led the festive opening. In the presence of Princess Anita of Orange-Nassau, they hung an exclusive Van Gogh Museum Edition on one of the walls of the suite. The opening of the suite is part of the ongoing Van Gogh exhibition in the lobby of the five-star hotel. The kitchen of two Michelin-starred restaurant Ciel Bleu is also hosting a Van Gogh Museum Edition, a three-dimensional reproduction of one of the best-known works of Vincent van Gogh. 

Van Gogh Suite        
The Van Gogh Suite is 105 m2 in size and has a fully equipped kitchen, dining room and lounge. The Van Gogh Suite currently serves as backdrop for the painting ‘The Bedroom’ (1888) and ‘Undergrowth’ (1889). The works can only be seen by people who book a stay in the suite. A night in the Okura’s Van Gogh Suite can be booked through 29 May 2015*, for € 1,950 per night. This includes a special five-course dinner at the Chef’s Table of Ciel Bleu, for which star chef Onno Kokmeijer found inspiration in the works of the famous Dutch master. Also included are breakfast, access to Nagomi Health and free parking. Reservations can be booked via or + 31 (0)20 6788 300.

Van Gogh Exhibition          
Okura’s lobby is currently the backdrop for a special exhibition. The hotel is hosting eight Van Gogh Museum Editions, five of which can be seen by all guests. A Van Gogh Museum Edition is an extraordinary work: a three-dimensional full-scale reproduction of a Van Gogh painting, reproducing the colour and structure as accurately as possible. So accurately that it is impossible to tell the difference between the reproduction and the real painting with just the naked eye. In addition to ‘The Bedroom’ (1888) and ‘Undergrowth’ (1889), Hotel Okura is also displaying ‘Boulevard de Clichy’ (1887), ‘The Harvest’ (1888), ‘Sunflowers’ (1889), ‘Almond blossom’ (1890) and ‘Landscape at Twilight’ (1890). Guests who book the special Van Gogh menu at the Chef’s Table of the Ciel Bleu Restaurant can also take a close look at ‘Wheatfield under Thunderclouds’.   

The Van Gogh Museum Editions are the results of an intensive cooperation between the Van Gogh Museum, distributor Tribute International and developer and producer Fujifilm. The production technology took seven years to perfect. Each three-dimensional reproduction takes between three and seven months to produce, from initial scan of the original painting to production of the final ‘painting’. The Van Gogh Museum Editions are for sale and the proceeds from these sales are used for the preservation and maintenance of the original works in the Van Gogh Museum. The Van Gogh Museum Editions are also used for educational purposes. For instance, during the exhibition ´Van Gogh at work´ at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, visitors are offered the opportunity to feel the structure of the paintings.

About Hotel Okura Amsterdam    
Hotel Okura Amsterdam is part of an international chain with more than 90 luxury hotels across the globe, comprising Okura Hotels & Resorts, JAL Hotels and Nikko Hotels International. Hotel Okura Amsterdam provides its guests with top quality hotel accommodation, culinary treats at its various Michelin-starred restaurants and ultra-modern spa facilities. Hotel Okura Amsterdam is close to both Amsterdam’s business district and all the capital city’s main tourist sites.

* This period has been extended untill 6 September 2015.