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Ciel Bleu presents their latest book “Guestronomy”

Monday 5th December we saw the launch of the second book from chefs, Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman, alongside Restaurant Maître Pasquinel Kolk.

The book contains 368 pages, filled with not only recipes where you can recreate the magic of Ciel Bleu in the comfort of your home, but also the inspiration behind the book. A colourful background of how the book came about, but also personal anecdotes that make the book transform into something far more than only a collection of recipes.

Ciel Bleu allows the reader to become totally immersed in the world of Ciel Bleu. The book does this by giving an exclusive look into the world of a high-end dining, from a different perspective, behind the scenes.  

The chefs drew inspiration from special experiences in their own lives and products that related from those stories and experiences. Each recipe telling a story, the finished product being a culinary masterpiece. 

In addition to the recipes, the book describes the location of Ciel Bleu. The restaurant sits on the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam and therefore proudly boasts one of the most impressive skylines to be seen in Amsterdam. The book also contains interviews from past colleagues, who share their personal culinary experiences and interests, giving the reader a unique prospective on Ciel Bleu. 

The book contains 52 recipes. Kokmeijer “With Ciel Bleu we are really paving a new way, where the guests are really involved and therefore central to the whole experience”. With “Guestronomy” the reader is really taken through the creative process and the thought behind it. But also what it means to us personally. The book gives some insight in how a visit to Ciel Bleu is, and on another level it manages to evoke something in the imagination”.

The book is written by Dutch journalist Jumiaan Geldermans and will be published in English shortly as well. The partnership with Geldermans is not a new one, Geldermans also wrote the first book from Ciel Bleu, “De eigenzinnige Franse keuken” back in 2007. The Photography of “Guestronomy” is down to the creative eye of Ivo Geskus from SpecialPixels. Geskus succeeded in beautifully representing the unique connection between chef and product. “Guestronomy” is € 75 and available for purchase by all good booksellers or from Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

Limited Editions
There are also 75 limited edition versions of the book published. From the Outsider Art Gallery in Amsterdam 11 artists have hand-painted these limited edition books. Each artist painting in their own unique way. Making the special edition books really one of a kind. Each limited edition book sold will see € 50 go to the Outsider Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

About Ciel Bleu Restaurant
Ciel Bleu is on the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. The restaurant has two Michelin stars since 2007 and is part of the Alliance Gastonomique. It is a true representation from three SVH approved culinary masters; Maître Pasquinel Kolk, Sommelier Noël Vanwittenbergh and Head Chef Onno Kokmeijer. The completely unique dining experience can be experienced form the “Chef’s Table”, located in the kitchen, it is possible to have up to 10 guests seated. The “Starllight” room offers a private dining experience within Ciel Bleu and can be reserved from anything from 10 guests up until 24 guests. In August of 2016 Ciel Bleu underwent a renovation by Architect Bert Verwey.