Developing yourself at Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Hotel Okura Amsterdam is known for its excellent level of service where exceeding guest expectations is our mission. This is only possible with a team which always works with passion and dedication and has a required set of skills. To support our staff in their daily practice, a Training Manager is working at Hotel Okura Amsterdam full-time. Since July 2014, Timo de Blok is our Training Manager. Do you want to stay up-to-date with our vacancies? Follow us on our Recruitment Facebookpage.

'Growing, learning & developing in every function'

What does a Training Manager do for Hotel Okura Amsterdam?

'It is a very diverse job  in which I am in constant contact with all departments and, therefore also with all 380 colleagues. I spend most of my time developing and giving trainings within the organization. The topics are very diverse. They could be trainings focused on a specific subject or trainings that are helpful to entire departments.'

Which kind of trainings are available for employees of Hotel Okura Amsterdam?

'Each year there are trainings in over 20 different topics, most of which take place multiple times a year. An example of these trainings is Complaint Handling. This training is specifically designed for colleagues who have a lot of guest contact. But there are also trainings which are useful for all team members, such as Time Management: everybody knows the feeling of not having enough time in a day. In this training we will focus on causes of this and together we will come up with solutions.'

Are those trainings available for all employees?

'Yes, certainly! Everybody who has an interest in a certain training can join. But aside these ‘open’ trainings, there are also trainings that can be tailor-made for certain teams or departments, depending on their need or request. On top of that, we also have leadership programs for our department heads and last year we started a development program for eleven of our young professionals. They have worked on their own development for almost a year long and with great success. In this way, we are preparing them for a managing position.'

What else does Hotel Okura Amsterdam do to develop their employees?

'To start off, we have extensive training routines for our new colleagues. Every month there is a full day of training (the ‘new hire orientation´) on which all new employees receive useful information about the organization, get multiple tours around the hotel, and get acquainted with our management team and our department heads. Besides that, many departments work with buddy-systems; new colleagues are matched to a more experienced colleague in the first months. In this way, the knowledge is handed over step by step. For colleagues who still want more, the hotel also pays for a big share in individual courses that they think are interesting and that also have a contributing to the hotel. You can think of language courses, wine educations or first aid or in-house emergency response educations (BHV).'

How did you end up with Hotel Okura Amsterdam yourself?

'Both before and during my study for social psychologist I have always been working in the hospitality branch, with great pleasure. Even though, I always knew that I wanted to do something with my education once it was finished. After I achieved my master’s degree in training & development, I gained experience as a trainer in other companies. In my current job, my two passions come together; the hospitality industry and training and developing others. Even though I never worked in a hotel before, the dynamic of this organization is very recognizable. There is an atmosphere of action, getting things done! With that mentality as a starting point, I work with my colleagues on new ways of working in a smart and efficient way. No two days are the same and that is one of the reasons that I am so happy in this job!'