Jet Lag Program

Let us help you getting rid of your jetlag…


Anyone who travels a lot is bound to experience a jet lag every once in a while. Our special Jet Lag Program helps you getting rid of your jet lag as soon as possible. Through a balanced program of light, nutrition, exercising and relaxation, we will advise you how to effectively treat the mingling of your biological clock.

Our service

Everyone who experiences a jetlag is welcome to use this service free of charge. Okura’s Jet Lag Program includes personalized advice on when to go to sleep, wake up, take a warm bath for relaxation and visit Nagomi Health* to exercise. You can also make use of the Philips Bright Light Energy & Jet Lag Fighter lamp, which simulates extra day light at any time of the day. Of course we will also advise you what time to switch it on and off, so you will feel well as soon as possible.


Additional treatment

Specific ingredients have a specific effect on your body. We have compiled a Jet Lag Breakfast and a Jet Lag Dinner which can be ordered in addition to the service.

*Please note that if you have not booked a room that gives you access to Nagomi Health, an extra fee for access will be charged.



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