Internet Access

WiFi internet access
WiFi broadband is available throughout the hotel (WiFi, 802.11b/g). All you need is a laptop with a WiFi antenna. WiFi with a speed of 256Kb/s is freely available. The cost of high speed WiFi internet access is € 12 for 24 hours including VAT.


Wired internet access
There are wired internet connections available in all hotel rooms and all banquet areas.

The cost is € 12 for 24 hours including VAT.


Direct LAN connection
For more advanced applications in the meeting rooms, we can provide a direct LAN connection to the internet at a cost of € 250 per day. This includes one public IP address. Additional public IP addresses from the same LAN connection can be provided at a cost of € 150 per day. There are no proxies, firewalls, etc. present on this connection.


Online reservation

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