Japans Restaurant Amsterdam - Yamazato

Authentic Japanese cuisine

Three decades ago the Yamazato Restaurant in the Hotel Okura Amsterdam introduced a cooking style in Europe for which there was little understanding: the very precious haute cuisine of Japan, kaiseki ryori. Thanks to the enormous investments and perseverance of those involved, the highest Japanese standards were met and recognition finally came for this previously unknown culinary poetry. On the ground floor of the Hotel Okura Amsterdam, you’ll find Yamazato Restaurant – a restaurant without rival for traditional, authentic Japanese cuisine.


The kitchen of kaikei ryori is partly influenced by the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, where the Zen philosophy of minimalism and control is propagated. The honzen banquet, the grandiose way of eating from the mediaeval aristocracy where a large number of dishes is being served at different small tables, underlies the Japanese haute cuisine as we know it today.


The typically Japanese ambience at Yamazato is further enhanced by the service. Waitresses in traditional kimonos serve you with the utmost elegance and attention. They make sure that absolutely nothing is wanting, and enable you to imagine for a moment that you are actually in Japan.


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