Lunch in Amsterdam - Serre Restaurant

Looking for a way to savour the stars of Ciel Bleu while keeping both feet firmly on the ground? Then come to Amsterdam’s no. 1 hot spot: our contemporary Serre Restaurant, serving dishes inspired by Okura’s two-star restaurant on the 23rd floor.


Like all restaurants offering the world’s finest cuisine, Ciel Bleu is constantly changing. No matter how popular the signature dishes of Executive Chef Onno Kokmeijer and Kitchen Chef Arjan Speelman are, sooner or later they will be replaced by new and even better creations. Does this mean they are gone forever? Not when Ciel Bleu classics get a second lease on life at Serre Restaurant!


In close cooperation with Ciel Bleu’s star chefs, Chef Marc van der Tang transforms bestsellers from Ciel Bleu’s kitchen into creations that suit his Serre Restaurant. ‘At Serre we explicitly want to stay accessible. Our aim is to enable you to enjoy dishes that offer the same sensory experience as those of Ciel Bleu reasonably quickly and at an affordable price’.


For example, the famous dish involving sea devil and pata negra that was so successful at Ciel Bleu eight years ago will be reintroduced at Serre. Marc explains: ‘We have replaced the sea devil with sea wolf and instead of pata negra we use ham that was cured in the caves of Geulhem in Limburg. Black Venus rice and a foamy corn sauce maintain the flavour and texture of the original dish’.

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