Teppanyaki Restaurant Amsterdam - Sazanka

At Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka, the idea of being attentive to guests may be taken quite literally – the chef is always beside you at the griddle, and can fit in directly with your every culinary wish. It all makes for a really exceptional experience. Caroline Sterel is your host for the evening.

A unique atmosphere

One of the things that makes Sazanka so special is its unique atmosphere, bringing together an intriguing method of cooking with a typically Japanese interior. The design is by a Japanese architectural studio, which has taken care that gastronomy and good cheer go hand in hand with a particularly Japanese ambience. Much of the effect relies on careful use of natural materials such as wood, stone, water and fire.

Japanese precision

The skill with which teppan-chefs prepare the food is one of the hallmarks of teppanyaki. Knowledge, experience and imagination all play an important role. Sazanka employs only Japanese cooks who have had a good basic training in Japan itself.

For all occasions

Dining at Sazanka guarantees you culinary enjoyment, and above all an entertaining time – whether there are just two of you, or you visit in a group. There are 11 griddles in all, offering places for groups of up to ten people. It is also possible to reserve a private room.

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