Hotel Okura Amsterdam – more than 40 years of history

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Hotel Okura Tokyo was opened in 1962. The stated objective of Hotel Okura Tokyo at the time of its opening was to become the best hotel in the world. The specific means to achieve this objective would be the Best ACS: Best Accommodations, Best Cuisine and Best Service. The first of these, best accommodations refer to the facilities of the hotel. Aoki’s contribution here was the idea of building facilities that “age gracefully”. This makes maintenance and care in day-to-day use of all the more importance, but also need to be quick to adopt the latest equipment and systems. Best cuisine stands for the hotel has to be a host to their guests and that they absolutely must maintain cuisine of the very highest quality. Third, best service, the best facilities and the best cuisine come into their own only with the very best service. The job of a hotel is to satisfy its guests and this can only be with the very best service. This was the basis philosophy of the chain Okura Hotels & Resorts

The splendid location of Hotel Okura Amsterdam — on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals (Amstel Canal) in the heart of the city, close by the RAI Convention Centre, 15 minutes from Schiphol International Airport and close to many places of cultural interest — makes the Okura the perfect choice for your stay in Amsterdam.

“… Okura Hotels & Resorts, on 17 domestic and 8 overseas locations, vary in style to match the local atmosphere, but are invariably devoted to making your stay as pleasurable as possible. Okura Hotels & Resorts are synonymous with superb, cordial service, comprehensive facilities and fine cuisine. Stay at any one of our hotels or resorts and discover just how satisfying our service can be…”


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